• I declare that I have voluntarily provided all data in the question form and that GOODMORNING BV with registered office in Etten Leur, needs this data for the possible provision of (temporary) work;
• I grant permission for the processing of my personal data by GOODMORNING BV in Etten-Leur, insofar as this is necessary for the execution of the recruitment process, including providing this data to potential employers, now and in the future;
• I declare that all requested data have been filled in truthfully;
• I grant permission for the provision of my data in order to obtain a (temporary) appointment;
• I grant permission to GOODMORNING BV to keep my data for a maximum of 1 year;
• I have the right to stop the recruitment process and have my personal data deleted. This can be done by e-mail addressed to info@goodmorning.eu or in writing Etten-Leur, P.O. Box 639, 4870 VB Nederland
• If during the selection procedure it appears that we will not use your registration, your data will be removed from our database within 1 year;
• I give permission to GOODMORNING BV to send me newsletters and information about future vacancies by e-mail;
• The database with your data is managed by GOODMORNING BV established in Etten-Leur, P.O. Box 639, 4870 VB The Netherlands. E-mail address: info@goodmorning.eu.
I accept the above terms and conditions and the Privacy Statement of GOODMORNING BV